Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Nosiboo Pro Nasal Aspirator

I am pretty sure you all know Emilia by now, if you follow me on Instagram! She is 5 months old and this is the very first time she is on my blog! Todays post is for all of those mommy's out there with little ones. I am talking about the Nosiboo Pro Nasal Aspirator. Is for clearing stuffy little noses. When I fist saw this Aspirator I thought this is so cute hehehe... and my second thought was I need it! Nasal Aspirators are a life saver especially when your little ones can't sleep at night because they are to congested. I tried the Nosiboo the same day I got it and I couldn't been more happy with it. Works so nicely and it's so easy to use and clean! Emilia has the tiniest little nose and she gets congested very easily. She was very comfortable when I was cleaning her nose she just wanted to eat it hehehe... The suction power can be adjusted to match the age of your kid. My first baby was born with a cleft palate and he would get a stuffy nose all the time. He is now 9 years old and he can blow his nose and everything. Having something adjustable like the Nosiboo for the age of your child, you know you will get a lot of use of it! I love that!

You can find the Nosiboo on Nosiboo.com or Amazon!

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Avya Skincare - Anti - aging Powder Cream and Eye Bright Cream Review

 Hello beauties! Today's post is a review/ first impressions of a couple of Avya Skincare Products.
I have used both products for almost two weeks. I like to use both together. First I apply the powder serum and than the eye brighting cream. Since it is to soon to notice any changes on my skin I am goin to tell you my first impressions.

 Anti-aging Power Serum: Is suppose to boost radiance, skin discoloration and protect your skin, no matter your skin tone. For a radiant glow, use twice daily. Formula combines exclusive blend of peony, turmeric and neem extracts.

The biggest thing I have noticed on my skin by using the Powder Serum is the glow and how smooth my skin feels! It definitely gives you a beautiful glow, I mostly notice it when I wake up, before and after I wash my face. Another thing I love about this Powder Serum is the scent. It is a beautiful floral scent.
Price $165 - 30ml/1.0oz

 Eye Bright Cream: Is suppose to give you an instant lift, brightness, pigmentation and reduction of fine lines in addition to the long-term reduction of puffiness and dark circles.

I have to say that I am most impressed so far with the eye cream. After using it only for two weeks it is amazing the difference I noticed! My under eyes are so much more bright and the puffiness is much better.
 I am truly in love with this cream right now! Also the scent is the same as the Anti-aging Powder Serum. Which I love!
Price $85 - 15ml/0.5oz

Avya Beauty it's definitely a luxury brand. Both products feel amazing on the skin. 
You get a very good amount of product, a bit goes a long way! You can also find Moisturizers and cleanser on their Website Avyaskincare.com.
I'm so glad I got to do this collaboration with Avya! I hope you all found this post helpful. 

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New Colourpop IN-NUDE-ENDO Palette Swatches and Comparisions!

 Hello Beauties! I decide to make makeup posts now that I am making YouTube Videos!
I love makeup and I'm finally share it with you! I will still post outfit of course.
If you follow me on my Instagram you know that I love Colourpop makeup. Colourpop came out with a new highlighter palette call "IN NUDE ENDO" The shades are so pretty, perfect for all skin tones! I am also doing swatch comparisons with the palette "I Like Your Face".
Both palettes are $18 dollars. I personality think both palettes are beautiful. The "IN NUDE ENDO" Palette is just more fine melted. Check out my video if you want to see the highlighter on my face.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Outfit : Stripe Sweater and Wide Leg Jeans

Hello beauties! Wow it has been so long since I did a blog post. I don't know how I lasted that long because I truly love doing this! As some of you know I was pregnant and I didn't want to have the pressure of keeping up with my blog and Instagram. I am so happy to be back.
I just got this striped sweater from Forever 21 and I'm obsessed! It is so freaking cute and very cozy.
I got some other cute pieces from Forever 21 and Asos, I need to do a haul! What do you all think if I make a video showing you what I got?!

Hola bellezas! Wow, ha pasado tanto tiempo desde que hice una publicación en el blog. No sé cómo duré tanto porque realmente amo hacer esto! Como algunos de ustedes saben que estaba embarazada y no quería tener la presión de estar al día con mi blog e Instagram. Estoy muy feliz de estar de vuelta. Acabo de recibir este suéter rayado de Forever 21 y estoy obsesionada! Es tan lindo y muy acogedor.Tengo algunas otras piezas lindas de Forever 21 y Asos, tengo que hacer un gran haul! Que piensan si hago un vídeo para mostrarle todo lo que he comprado?!

Forever 21 Sweater/ Old Jeans/ Boohoo Boots